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Disneyland Paris Hotel Room TV 2018 – English, French & Italian

On my last trip to Disneyland Paris I’ve recorded the recent room TV show in three different languages for you. Just turn on your TV, start one of the three videos, lean back and be back at your favorite Disney hotel. And after that, I have a little extra clip if you are concerned about your safety šŸ˜‰

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Disneyland Paris Hotel Room TV from 1992 to 2017

You know what I love at Disneyland Paris? The Hotels!
For me is staying in a Disney Hotel a very big part of the whole experience at Disneyland Paris. The one thing I always do is watching the Hotel room TV Channel. When returning to the room for a power nap, I sleep while Sophie or Julia is telling me about the “Top 10 things to know before you go”. But before this there was a completely different type of promo video playing. I have to say, I really much prefer the old room TV shows!

On my last stay I filmed the whole loop (in German). I’ve recorded the TV with my smartphone, so this video isn’t high quality and there are better one’s on Youtube. But it’s up to date and it is in German! (Sorry to most of you ;-))

I hope you enjoy it!

The newest: 2017

Of course there are many videos online. In different Languages and from many different years. I’ve collected the best links for you in this article. And you know what? I found the very first from 1992! Read More

[Recipe, Vegan] Camp Cornbread from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

This is a recipe for the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Cornbread which is served as an appetizer in the famous Disney Village dinnershow. I don’t now exactly what ingredients are used in Paris but I’ve tried to bake a Cornbread which is very close to the original one in the show. This recipe is very close and I will tweak it and update the recipe every time I bake it.


Best thing about this Cornbread: It’s vegan!

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[Vegan] Captain Jack’s Restaurant Review

My beloved “Blue Lagoon” Restaurant is gone. Jack Sparrow has entered the kitchen and now it’s called “Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates”.

I’ve always been a big fan of the beautiful themed restaurant INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean. I was very excited visiting it after it reopened in July 2017.I really hoped they were able to serve a vegan meal as the menu looked promising!
On our last trip in September 2017 I was there and here’s the review.

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What the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the Disneyland Railroad have in common

I am a big fan of the music played all around Disneyland Paris. Sometimes I watch Youtube videos just to get the feeling of walking around the parks. While watching/listening to all the Frontierland videosĀ I’ve found out that the Disneyland Railroad and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show have something in common:

They share a piece of the same music.

And the title I am talking about is “The Cavalcade and Maze” from composerĀ George Fenton. The Song is released on the 1992 album “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show”.

It’s basically the first Song in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. It’s the song that starts playing when the cowboys from all four teams ride into the arena for the first time.

I am not sure if the music or at least some of the tracks in BBWWS are from movie soundtracks but I couldn’t find anything about this particular track somewhere else. So I guess it is especially produced for the show. Or was it produced for the Railroad? šŸ˜‰

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Newport Bay Clubs unbelievable 530m long corridor

Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel opened in April 1992. With it’s 1098 rooms it was western Europe’s biggest Hotel. As it “only” has 8 floors it has to be quite long to house so many rooms. To get to your room sometimes the walk down it’s corridors can take quite some time. If you’re lucky and get a room at the very last edge of this beautiful Hotel your walk from the reception can be as long as 300 meters (328 yards). Some years ago I made my way down the longest of all corridors in floor 2 (the floor with the reception). From one end to the other this is a 530m (1738ft) long journey! I have a video of thisĀ šŸ˜‰


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