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[Vegan] Captain Jack’s Restaurant Review

My beloved “Blue Lagoon” Restaurant is gone. Jack Sparrow has entered the kitchen and now it’s called “Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates”.

I’ve always been a big fan of the beautiful themed restaurant INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean. I was very excited visiting it after it reopened in July 2017.I really hoped they were able to serve a vegan meal as the menu looked promising!
On our last trip in September 2017 I was there and here’s the review.

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What the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and the Disneyland Railroad have in common

I am a big fan of the music played all around Disneyland Paris. Sometimes I watch Youtube videos just to get the feeling of walking around the parks. While watching/listening to all the Frontierland videos I’ve found out that the Disneyland Railroad and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show have something in common:

They share a piece of the same music.

And the title I am talking about is “The Cavalcade and Maze” from composer George Fenton. The Song is released on the 1992 album “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show”.

It’s basically the first Song in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. It’s the song that starts playing when the cowboys from all four teams ride into the arena for the first time.

I am not sure if the music or at least some of the tracks in BBWWS are from movie soundtracks but I couldn’t find anything about this particular track somewhere else. So I guess it is especially produced for the show. Or was it produced for the Railroad? 😉

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