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Disneyland Paris Hotel Room TV from 1992 to 2017

You know what I love at Disneyland Paris? The Hotels!
For me is staying in a Disney Hotel a very big part of the whole experience at Disneyland Paris. The one thing I always do is watching the Hotel room TV Channel. When returning to the room for a power nap, I sleep while Sophie or Julia is telling me about the “Top 10 things to know before you go”. But before this there was a completely different type of promo video playing. I have to say, I really much prefer the old room TV shows!

On my last stay I filmed the whole loop (in German). I’ve recorded the TV with my smartphone, so this video isn’t high quality and there are better one’s on Youtube. But it’s up to date and it is in German! (Sorry to most of you ;-))

I hope you enjoy it!

The newest: 2017

Of course there are many videos online. In different Languages and from many different years. I’ve collected the best links for you in this article. And you know what? I found the very first from 1992! Read More