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[Vegan] WALT’S – An American Restaurant Review

If you want some delicious vegan food and perfect Disney theming you can’t miss WALT’S. This beautiful restaurant is dedicated to Walt Disney himself and the Disneyland Park and offers probably the best vegan meal at Disneyland Paris.

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[Recipe, Vegan] Camp Cornbread from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

This is a recipe for the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Cornbread which is served as an appetizer in the famous Disney Village dinnershow. I don’t now exactly what ingredients are used in Paris but I’ve tried to bake a Cornbread which is very close to the original one in the show. This recipe is very close and I will tweak it and update the recipe every time I bake it.


Best thing about this Cornbread: It’s vegan!

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[Vegan] Vegetable Chili Hot Dog at Casey`s Corner

Casey’s Corner. Situated in Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland Paris. The place to be if you want a Hot Dog where only the price is premium 😉

I have to be careful. This is a very sensible topic. There are just two kind of people in this world. Those who LOVE Casey’s Corner for their Hot Dogs and those who cannot believe those people exist. That’s at least my experience from social media. I always thought I am in the latter group. Here’s what happened recently to my life.

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[Vegan] Captain Jack’s Restaurant Review

My beloved “Blue Lagoon” Restaurant is gone. Jack Sparrow has entered the kitchen and now it’s called “Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates”.

I’ve always been a big fan of the beautiful themed restaurant INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean. I was very excited visiting it after it reopened in July 2017.I really hoped they were able to serve a vegan meal as the menu looked promising!
On our last trip in September 2017 I was there and here’s the review.

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