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[Vegan] WALT’S – An American Restaurant Review

If you want some delicious vegan food and perfect Disney theming you can’t miss WALT’S. This beautiful restaurant is dedicated to Walt Disney himself and the Disneyland Park and offers probably the best vegan meal at Disneyland Paris.

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[Vegan] Agrabah Café Buffet – Review

“All this for a loaf of bread?” – Aladdin

I’m sure Aladdin would’ve taken more or at least something different than a loaf of bread if he had the chance to steal in Agrabah Café in Adventureland.
Let’s have a look at what he/we can expect there..

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[Vegan] Captain Jack’s Restaurant Review

My beloved “Blue Lagoon” Restaurant is gone. Jack Sparrow has entered the kitchen and now it’s called “Captain Jack’s – Restaurant des Pirates”.

I’ve always been a big fan of the beautiful themed restaurant INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean. I was very excited visiting it after it reopened in July 2017.I really hoped they were able to serve a vegan meal as the menu looked promising!
On our last trip in September 2017 I was there and here’s the review.

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